Saturday, 9 February 2008

Johnny Flynn

Scratchy recently had the immense pleasure of catching live this talented young buck (and probable alt-girl pinup) along with his band The Sussex Wit. He showed why he is leading the charge of new wave talented alt folk/Americana (Angloana anyone?) and is attracting favourable coverage in the muso media i.e Steve Lamacq's radio 1 show. He valiantly fought through a number of technical difficulties to deliver heartfelt songs to the laidback but appreciative crowd. He is a minstrel that won't melt in your mouth but will melt in your ears. Special mention to the support act Fireworks Night for providing a sparkling warm up. They are also worth keeping an eye on and all hail to the 'gold rush prospector look' with accompanying face fungus. The brace wearing revival starts here..

Bouncing Souls

Leftovers 7" is available for U.K release on Monday March 10th 2008.

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