Friday, 14 March 2008

Hotpants Romance

When it comes of girls with attitude, who pick up some guitars and give it some, this can often lead to a heady mixture of beautiful cacophony and vital energy. There has been many illustrious examples of this from the rock of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts through the punk pop perfection of X-Ray Spex via the 'riot grrl' Babes In Toyland up to the woefully underrated cartoon pop Shampoo and Helen Love. The latest sisters to sizzle with their sneering songs of super tunes are the terrific Manchester trio Hotpants Romance, who are making a joyful racket with their debut album 'It's A Heatwave'. Now, I realise that I'm not the target market and that I might be giving the impression of a seedy uncle, but it's not my fault that, even though the rest of my body is creaking, the ears are in a state of arrested development and survive on a diet of sound stroppiness. The influence of The Ramones is clearly evident and most of the songs clock in at under two minutes, which is always a good sign. The vocals are brattish, the riffs are infectious and the drumming is insistent. Give'em an ASBO?, no siree!, give'em a record contract and a slot on Joolz Holland.. I'd like to see him try and 'boogie woogie' along to this!

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