Monday, 29 September 2008

Small Feral Token

Let me introduce a bit of glamour to your life during these grim times of austerity and bring to your attention Lotta Westholm and Natalie Sjölund, who look like they've walked straight off the cover of an early Roxy Music album. Together, they create an intoxicating mixture of hypnotic electronic pop and go under the slightly less alluring moniker of Small Feral Token, which sounds like a type of fresh roadkill currency, used by Cleatus out there in the hillbilly hinterland. These ladies have been making music from their Stockholm base since 2003, though they have known each other from schooldays, their official debut album 'Digipop' comes out on 13th October 2008, more info at

SFT's music is distinctly tinged with an Eighties New-Wave vibe and hints of Voice Of The Beehive and Alisha's Attic are audible in the vocals, yet the sound has a malevolent beat with claustrophobic sequences giving an ever present threat of something more sinister going on beneath the lip gloss and legwarmers. The lead track 'I am Entertainer' has a sunny girl group disposition about it and is probably the most obviously commercial tune, yet 'A Girl's Best Friend' is probably a better signature tune to sum up the territory SFT are lurking in. It takes a few listens to connect, but slowly yet assuredly, it will creep up and pounce on you, and the song 'Passionate Glue' squeezes into Aphex Twin's minimal experimental musings. The formula of David Cronenberg does eurosynthpop, set to the backdrop of a plush gentleman's club is a heady mix.

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