Monday, 21 June 2010

Frank Sidebottom - a Tribute

The very sad news reached us this week that Timperley's finest bulbous headed singer, songwriter, comedian and all round genius Frank Sidebottom aka Chris Sievey had died.
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I had every intention of restarting this blog with an England World Cup theme week, with particular reference to the pick of the finest music/football crossover records that I've come across in my crate digging travels. One of the first names on my list was Frank Sidebottom with his legendary rendition of "Guess who's been on Match of the Day...?" "You have Frank, in your big shorts". Classic stuff and guaranteed to lift the spirits of any music loving football supporter.

For those of you not familiar with Frank/Chris's unique output, read about his legendary contribution to the entertainment business here... a tribute via The Guardian

As Mr Capello has banned an official World Cup Song for the England squad (shame), all sorts of chancers have taken up the challenge and been recording unofficial anthems in the hope of making a few bob. Never one to miss an opportunity like this, Frank had also recorded his own song for the World Cup 2010, an inspired take on the ubiquitous Three Lions on The Shirt with his very own twist. Possibly the only credible tune in this novelty football themed record to come out this year and wouldn’t it be a fitting tribute if it got into the charts. Frank Sidebottom at number one, his spirit performing on the pitch at the World Cup Final, urging our boys onto a glorious victory... well we can dream...

Frank SidebottomMatch of the Day

Frank Sidebottom - Three Shirts On The Line

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vintage belt buckles said...

i feel saddened too cause he is already gone. for me and my dad, he is going to be a legend.