Monday, 23 June 2008

Mel Tormé - I've Got The Whole World On A String!

Yesterday, it was the British Moto GP at Donington, where the Aussie sensation and reigning World Champion Casey Stoner put in another explosive performance, finishing at the front of the pack. British hopes rested with James Toseland, who put in an characteristic home grown performance by crashing on the first corner of the first lap and limping home in 17th place. Earlier in the week, I had witnessed a BBC breakfast newsreader flirt outrageously on the interview sofa with this biking hunk, as her middle aged male co-host looked on enviously at the young hunk, ruminating on the facts that all his mature witty banter in the world wasn't ever going to be a match for a twenty years less girth, a chiselled chin and a promise of a 1500cc thrillride. This morning, on the same programme, he enjoyed rather too much, cueing up the V.T of a montage showing all of Mr Toseland's crashes/going off track mishaps from his 'weekendus horribus'

All of this two-wheeled talk brought to mind this album cover featuring a very cool crooning cucumber indeed. Mel Tormé might not have as fast a bike as Mr T, but he certainly has got the girl and she looks pretty pleased with the power of his engine as well. This is a U.K release on Allegro from 1964 which is basically a reissue of his 1958 classic 'Prelude to a Kiss' a concept album based around a brief fling between Mel and a woman, whose voice appears in dialogue segments before each song. However, this release conveniently leaves out all the chit chat thus leaving us to enjoy his velvety voice poured over masterly crafted lounge tunes. It is generally agreed that this was Tormé in top form on this record and is a high point from his back catalogue. Norton beats this.. a triumph, possibly matchless! no BS(a)... ahem, I'll get me leather coat.

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