Sunday, 15 June 2008

Thos Henley

'Summer On The Thames' is a charming slice of rural pop loveliness, soon be released through Tapeclub Records, from up and coming young minstrel Thos Henley. He is a former member of Rival Joustas, hails from Winchester and is a contemporary of that other folky buccaneer Johnny Flynn, whose just released 'A Larum' album has been gaining plenty of favourable national press. Henley's vocals float on a breeze of traditional instruments such as ukuleles, accordions and glockenspiels on songs steered in the right direction by a strong pop rudder. The alt folk vibe has echoes of Sufjan Stevens' output and also reminds me of The Incredible String Band's gentler moments. This boat is on an introspective current but artfully avoids the whimsical shallows and so this troupe are set course for a favourable journey.

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