Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Boxing Lesson

I've got plenty of time for anything musical that comes out of Austin, Texas, mainly because I associate that hotbed of creativity, with the greatest rock album ever released (possibly) Yup, I'm talking about - 'The Psychedelic Sounds Of' 13th Floor Elevators

Austin's The Boxing Lesson have picked up the baton of psych-rock and are producing their own brand of post-rock that shimmys, and soars in epic dramatic spacey tracks but they also chug away like a garage band inspired by The Stooges at times.

The group started out as guitarist/vocalist Paul Waclawsky's baby, he released two E.P's in 2003/4, whilst residing in L.A. He made the move to Austin and teamed up with Jaylinn Davidson (keyboards) and Jake Mitchell (drums). Another mini album called 'Songs in the Key of C' followed in 2006. In 2007 they hooked up with Grammy-Nominated Producer Tim Gerron to craft current album "Wild Streaks & Windy Days" You get the feeling the wind has got into their sails now and they're set to head for clear blue waters, at a fair rate of knots.

Secret Machines, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and Flaming Lips are some of the obvious reference points but I'm immediately drawn to a comparison with one of the music industries best kept secrets, The Porcupine Tree, who have been producing exquisite prog/post rock for two decades. It's a mystery why they aren't huge, the quality of their output is consistently astonishing and they have a feverishly loyal fan base. I can only hope our Boxers don't get sidelined in a similar fashion, by trend obsessed mainstream press, as the latest 'Wild Streaks' album has some sublime moments.

The twelve tracks have two distinct personalities, with the Windy Days title track, Hopscotch & Sodapop, Lower, Dark Side Of The Moog and for me the stand out song Muerta, falling into the dreamy, languid epic vibe. Then there's the grungier numbers, like Freedom, Hanging With The Wrong Crowd, Back From The Dead and Dance with Meow, which provide the collection with some oomph, balancing out the space cadet half. These two songwriting strains are well matched, serving up a well balanced contest, that goes the full distance.

Gigs coming up
All of these are slightly beyond Scratchy's air miles allowance, but if your in the neighbourhood, catch them on
17 Aug 2008 23:00 at Emo’s w/ A Place to Bury Strangers & Ume Austin, Texas
22 Aug 2008 20:00 at HYPERFEST 3 (Aug 21-23) Albuquerque, New Mexico
27 Aug 2008 23:00 at 101X Homegrown Live Austin, Texas
5 Sep 2008 23:30 at Beauty Bar w/ The Calm Blue Sea & The Story Of Austin, Texas
20 Sep 2008 19:00 at Pecan Street Festival Austin, Texas

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