Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Rosie and the Goldbug

Rosie Vanier fronts this trio who describe themselves as 'Kate Bush on Crack' The Goldbug consist of Plums on drums and Pixie doing bass duties. Now I know what your thinking at this point: "KOOKY ALERT! taxi for Scratchy!!" but stay with me because beneath the black velvet grandma's attic shawl lies a catchy commercial Blondie new wave vibe which really demands attention especially with Rosie bellowing out hummable hooks with her exemplary voice. This bug has a polished shell and is pushing along a nugget not a lump of dung so watch where yer step on and shake those kongos along with Rosie and her stripey hosiery's.

They have a residency at London's 12 Bar on Denmark Street on Thursdays throughout July and are doing some festivals as well this summer.

A gold star for putting some proper effort into the promos and the website as well.

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