Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Eux Autres

Eux Autres (roughly translated as The Others) are a duo based in Portland, Oregon. The band consists of brother and sister Heather on drums and Nicholas Larimerpop on guitar. They both sing in that kind of 'back and forth' manner that only siblings can muster. My theory as to the origins of this kind of sixth sense of timing, which underpins these sibling singalongs, is that they are finely tuned from years of practice, of having verbal squabbles, over the family dinner table.

The music is a sweet, but sparse indie lo-fi rock and they're not averse to breaking out into a twangy guitar garage rock frenzy, from time to time. The refreshing twist is the influence of a - pop vibe, that comes to the forefront, when Heather sings in French, with her crystal clear voice and accompanied by some well appointed hand claps. It all sounds very sophisticated and graceful, like a girl who's obviously had a good education and been to a finishing school run by Francoise Hardy. It's all too easy to be awe struck in their presence and dazzled by their poise, as they deliver witty conversation about cosmopolitan subjects, yet there remains a charming homespun sensibility, around the music. The overall sound is comparable to Belle & Sebastian, St Etienne or Stereolab. They've come a long way, for a couple of kids originally from Omaha, Nebraska.

A lesson to be learned, from their website/myspace page is the importance of keeping your promotional materials updated. There has been no updates from the band since the end of 2007, which leads me to think.. are they still going? Have they had an almighty row, culminating in one sibling doing away with the other, in some sort of Greek tragedy scenario? Are they immersed in recording the next album, locked in a bunker, by an evil Svengali manager, who demands nothing less than perfection. As you can see, where there is a vacuum of concrete information, the void is filled with wild and fanciful rumours. Just a little snippet of news would be helpful guys, we're on tenterhooks here and expectations are hanging heavy on our shoulders..

They have produced a handful of E.Ps since 2003 and Eux Autres are two albums into their career with 'Hell Is Eux Autres' released in 2006 and 'Cold City' on Happy Happy Records in 2007, we look forward to the third one shortly ?!

Download When I'm Up and Ecoutez Bien

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