Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Furry Stylus

The team here at Scratchy Towers are proud to announce the arrival of a new member of the squad. We have dipped into the transfer market, searched for an old pro who brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm, and found the player that fits the bill exactly. He's passed the medical, agreed terms and conditions and we are looking to throw him straight into the action at the start of the new season, on Saturday.

He will dazzle the younger lads with his D.J dexterity and the crowd will lap up his silky skills, as he pulls out timeless classics, from his bag of tricks. Some detractors have remarked that we have picked up a dodgy ole journeyman, looking for one last paycheck before he retires, who will spend more time crocked in the physio room, but we will have no countenance with such tittle tattle. Furry is our Teddy Sheringham if you like, a Dean Windass if you must, heading for the Premier League for one last hurrah! remember age is temporary but quality is permanent! Welcome aboard Furry Stylus!!

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