Monday, 27 October 2008

Hajen and Tvärvägen

Hajen is a singer songwriter from Gothenburg, Sweden, who has a talent for penning languid mournful tunes. She possesses a voice of rare depth and soulful resonance, it gives you goose bumps, just from hearing a fleeting glimpse of her vocals.

Her real name is Amanda and her nom de plume 'Hajen' seems to translate as 'shark' in Swedish. Beyond these sketchy details, I have little more to add, except that she tinkles those ivories with a restrained air of beauty and I look forward to hearing more of her work in the very near future.

Some Upcoming dates...

25.Okt.2008 Rookiefestivalen ’08 Hultsfred
20.Nov.2008 Kontiki Gothenburg
23.Nov.2008 Ladyfest GBG - Gothenburg
27.Nov.2008 Kvinna Kontiki Gothenburg
20.Dec.2008 Woody West X-mas, Gothenburg

Check out her label mate Tvärvägen, he makes a sound akin to 'An Old Curiosity Shop' being run by Noggin the Nog in a fading seaside town. Bonus points are awarded for featuring a record player prominently within this video.. His new record, Sånger från Tvärvägen, is out in on 19th of November on Knoppar Records.

Tvärvägen - September from Henrik Ohberg on Vimeo.

Thanks to these top blogs for bringing these artists to my attention...

Promotional photo material was shot by the talented Hanna...

Cultural references for younger folk, unfamiliar with the Saga of the Northlands here..

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Scratchy Buckles said...

Swedesplease have followed up their piece on Hajen with an interview with the young lady,it can be read here..