Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Matt & Kim - Daylight

Brooklyn's finest dance duo, Matt & Kim have come out of a two year hibernation to release a real doozey of a feel good track 'Daylight' that has a killer piano/drum lick, which will burrow it's way under your skin and head straight for your cerebral cortex, pretty much from the first play.

Now I'm usually pretty slow on picking up on zeitgeist tunes in the media, as my friend can bear witness when I came home from a hard day's vinyl digging last year and commented that I kept hearing a toe tapping tune song about a brolly, blasting out of every car/shop in the town centre, to be informed that this was Rhianna's current number one smash hit that had topped the charts for weeks. However, I reckon this tune could bubble up, at least amongst the more discerning crowd, if there's any justice left in the music meedja.. it's also a free, legal download, what more can you ask for! Enjoy...

It also reminds me of Justice vs Simian's 'We Are Your Friends' which became the soundtrack of indie hipsters back in 2006, becoming omnipresent, as essential backing music to all 4music type of t.v programming, you know the kind of show, where impossibly cool and attractive presenters deliver witty 'off the cuff' post ironic comments, linking frothy filler American teen lifestyle shows. Despite this, the 'Friends' track still puts a smile on my face and 'Daylight' brings out the same sunny disposition in me, this is quite an achievement, as friends and acquaintances can testify to.

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