Friday, 19 December 2008

Hajen - Twelve Grooves of Christmas Part 7

Of all all the acts that popped up on my musical radar this year, the blip that shone the brightest for me was a young Scandinavian lady called Hajen. Now I know it's poor form to have favourites when it comes to your children, and so the same should apply to all of the music acts that come to shelter under Scratchy's 'umbrella of praise' but sometimes you can't help being just that bit extra fond of the one that stands out, a bit like a poppy swaying in the summer breeze of sound above the music meadow.

Hajen has one of those unique voices, which make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, every time those husky yet chocolate melting vocal chords open up and belt out raw emotion. So far her public song writing output consists of showing just a handful of songs on her myspace website, as well as performing at some low key live shows in her native Sweden. The styles of the songs are melancholy and stripped bare of any extraneous details, with just a piano for accompaniment; authentically crafted artisan tunes fashioned from everyday experiences.

She was initially brought to my attention by 'Mr Swedesplease' who runs an excellent blog, covering all things musically coming out of that country ( and I was immediately drawn into the wake of this jaw dropping talent. The micro-record label Knoppar are looking after Hajen's interests, they describe themselves "as small label based in a suburb of a suburb of a suburb of a big city in Sweden" incidentally Knoppar also have the wonderful Tvärvägen signed to them, please do check them out as well.

According to the good folk at Knoppar, Hajen has recorded a Christmas song, called Hajens Julsång This song will be only available until the 31st of December at the KNOPPAR download store. All of the benefits of the sales are going to the Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg, which helps a number of worthy causes, like abused families, the homeless, mentally ill and socially vulnerable. More information can be obtained here at So get downloading for a good cause, you know it makes more sense than splurging out an a badly fitting cardigan, in the chaos and carnage of the shopping scrum that passes for the Boxing Day sales.

Extra Information: If someone have no pay pal account or problems with transferring the money, please send a mail to http:/mail?view=cm&tf=0& and we will find a solution for that.

Hajen sings her own composition 'Svensken'

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