Thursday, 18 December 2008

Mimas - Twelve Grooves of Christmas Part 6

Mimas are a four piece Danish/Icelandic band who conjure up an epic rock sound in an seemingly effortless manner. They have released an exuberant debut album called 'The Worries' through Big Scary Monsters Record Label, back in September 2008.

These chaps like to cut the mustard live and clock up the air miles (Ford Transit miles?) on extensive tours, so myself and Morris Chancer had the opportunity to catch the lads doing a blistering set at one of our local haunts, on an evening where the weather was dank, damp and drizzly and not conducive to the big sky soundscapes approach, which these guys aim for. However they managed to shine brightly on stage with a joyful fervour to delivering each track with glorious gusto.

They are inevitably lumped in with Sigur Ros and Explosions In The Sky for musical comparisons, but there's a simple 'joie de vivre' in their approach and playful posturing woven into the the music, even as the song structures build up to peaks of intensity, then gently set you back down to earth with a caress rather than a bump.

This is the video for 'Cat On Fire' by Mimas

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