Sunday, 8 February 2009

Baskery - Live Review

Date: Thursday 05th February 09 Location: Southampton U.K Venue: Joiners Arms

Scratchy's resident folk expert Morris Chancer had put out the word that this was a show worth checking out. There was a a good turnout at the legendary earthy venue, considering the midweek slot and the intermittent sleet and rain outside. Those who made the effort, were rewarded with a thrilling set from these Swedish trio of sisters known as Baskery, who put in a thigh slapping, high energy burst of music described as 'killbilly' 'banjo punk' and 'mud-country' However you describe it, the effect warmed the chilly bones of the enthralled audience.

Greta Bondesson manages to play six-stringed banjo, tambourine, kick, snare, harmonica and sing some vocals sometimes all at once, it's an impressive feat of musicianship for sure. Sunniva attacks her acoustic guitar with intensity whilst holding the primary vocal duties and Stella grapples with the Double bass with aplomb and completes the vocal duties. Together, they served their musical apprenticeship in in a family band, forming The Slaptones in 1999, with their father on drumming duties. They signed to EMI, released two albums, 'Simplify' in 2003 and 'Amplify' in 2004, as well as touring the U.S.A.

In 2006 they streamlined the band to the three piece and acquired the Baskery moniker and have released a debut album called 'Fall Among Thieves' on the independent Veranda label. The sessions were guided by the expertise of Lasse Mårtén (Lykke Li, Pink, Peter Bjorn & John etc) at Decibel Studios in Stockholm. The focus was to recreate the energy of the live performances by capturing the songs "live" in the studio in a couple of takes without the need for overdubs, if possible. Baskery are essentially a living breathing live band, who function best in front of a crowd, that appreciate charged up traditional music.

These girls are, in truth, a bit of a marketing team dream, with a photogenic image combining with a confident stage manner built from ten years of gigging under their belts and a lifetime of sibling interaction to draw from. Their sound conjures up an image of Throwing Muses doing Johnny Cash songs with a chirp towards the Dixie Chicks. The three way harmonies brought to my mind, the sirens in the river scene from the film Oh Brother Where Art Thou, with Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris performing a sultry 'Didn't Leave Nobody but The Baby' but cranked up to top speed in a perky punk style. They head out to the States for a short tour. Just as The Rolling Stones took their influences from traditional American blues, back in the early 1960's, then sent back a souped up version to it's homeland, Baskery are set to do the same, this time though it's the Swedish invasion...

Last night's result: Swedes 3 - Turnips 1derful night
(with apologies to The Sun headline writers and Graham Taylor)

Baskery - Veranda Records - Promo Piece

Baskery - One Horse Down - from 'Fall among Thieves'

Tours Dates
Feb 16 2009 New York, USA Rodeo Bar
Feb 18-22 2009 Memphis, USA Folk Alliance Conference website
Feb 22 2009 Nashville, USA 3rd and Lindsley website
Mar 28 2009 Bonn, Germany Rockpalast-Crossroads
May 30 2009 Beverungen, Germany O.B.S. Festival
May 31 2009 Beverungen, Germany


Anonymous said...

I heard Baskery in concert in San Diego on August 15th and they were amazing! High energy musicians with an attitude.

Anonymous said...

I saw baskery at the ark in ann arbor and they are an amazing and very talented sisters trio. for me it was serendipity because i went there for a free "benefit" type concert night and did not realize how good the band would be. i was very impressed with their high energy and very original style. all of the sisters are very talented and i really enjoyed the show. i would recommend this one to anyone who truly appreciates great music.