Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Rosebuds

The Rosebuds are a duo Ivan Howard (vocals/guitar/ drums/ bass/keyboards/programming) and Kelly Crisp (vocals/keyboard/drums/guitar/accordion) who have four full-length albums of electro indie folk/pop, plus a digital-only album of remixes, under their belt. They operate out of Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A and have been doing their musical thang since 2001 They have also contributed to a couple of compilation tribute albums for The Pixies and The Cure so their musical taste is impeccable.

The video for the title track from their latest album Life Like is an absolute corker, with a stripped back to nature feel and a touch of blue wode Green Man tribalism within the visuals. However these dalliances with Pagan imagery always puts me in mind of The Wicker Man film (original 1973 version) which has to rank in my top ten films to see EVER! as well as having a great soundtrack that is well worth tracking down. Though I never tire of watching those jolly sun worshipping island folk hunting down Edward Woodward, as an unreconstructed city dweller, this horror romp with our rustic cousins always leaves me slightly uneasy.

Another detail that left me slightly perturbed was that our antler and fur wearing chums are suspiciously beautiful, in a way that smacked of a model casting agency booking for an overpriced perfume advert kind of way. 'Rutting Stag pour homme' anyone? Nevertheless, overlooking that minor glitch, it's a killer video for a killer song.

Check out the alternative version on their myspace, it's a reworked version involving T-Pain, Lil Wayne and our very own Rosebuds. I believe the youth of today call it a "mash up" or something like that Listen here I especially like the vocoder vibe on on vocals which makes it sound super cool. It's always the sign of a strong song that it can be subjected to very different cover versions yet still hold up.

The Rosebuds - Life Like - taken from the album Life Like (2008)

Released via Merge Records Buy It Here
Executive Producer: Steve Choo Director: Daniel Garcia

Upcoming Gigs

09-04-09 Pizza Lucé, Duluth, MN
10-04-09 Whole Music Club at Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
13-04-09 Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON
16-04-09 The Bellhouse, Brooklyn, NY
19-04-09 KiDROCKERS at 92Y TRIBECA, New York, NY
24-04-09 Golden Belt - Benefit for Durham Arts Council, Durham, NC
14-05-09 LaSalle Power Company, Chicago, IL
06-06-09 Band Together for Lucy Daniels Center at Lincoln Theatre Outdoor Stage, Raleigh, NC

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