Monday, 27 April 2009

Twiggy Frostbite

As I stumbled across the charming video for the track 'Heroes' by Swedish five piece Twiggy Frostbite, I was immediately seduced by the cute animation and the bitter sweet nature of the story line. It's a real quivering lip heart breaker and guaranteed to move even the most hard bitten cynical music blogger to tears. The music is beautiful and reminds me of that seminal track by Stina Nordenstam, Little Star, with it's delicate vocals and sweet but sad delivery.

Twiggy Frostbite are from Gävle have been together since 2006 and contain members of blogland darlings The Deer Tracks along with death metal punksters Grizzly Twister! The current line up is Elin Lindfors on vocals, Anna Karin Berglund on keyboard, Emma Sjöberg on bass duties David Kramer on drums Joel Thedéen on guitar and input from Joakim Westlund on guitar.

According to the promo blurb they're inspired by the smell, the acoustics and everything to do with The London Underground. Presumably, they romantically mean, the eerie lights zipping through tunnels and spooky echoes bouncing off chambers rather than smelly armpits in the rush hour, sick stained seats and the caterwaul of out of tune buskers, which will be the more familiar images conjured up by the majority of average London commuters.

Right here comes the factual bits: The debut album is called Through Fire and was released via Despotz Records in Sweden on February 18th 2009 It's currently scheduled for a U.K release on 1st June 2009.

Here's a breakdown of the inscrutable lyrics for those of you wanting to have a singalong...

Seconds before the end,
The final moment is ours to make
If it matters
This is the time, or it'll be too late
In present tense
Attack or defense

None of us are heroes,
we just sing their songs
I wish you would fight for me,
I wish you were strong
Just a first attempt
No second chances will come our way
It requires bravery
More than any of us can say
In present tense,
Attack or defense

None of us are heroes,
we just sing their songs
I wish you would fight for me,
I wish you would hold on
None of us are heroes,
we just steal their words
I wish you would fight for me,
though the idea is cursed
Because none of us are fighters,
we just start the fights
And then leave it to ease off,
leave it to die

Twiggy Frostbite - Heroes - Video: Ina Steinnes

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