Monday, 8 June 2009

Lex Land - As Much As You Lead

The monthly tune changeover on my mp3 player changeover prompted this post, as this was one of the standout tracks from the constant loop of tunes demanding attention in my lugholes.

Lex Land is twenty two year old Californian who possesses a voice which has stickability, with a soulful languid resonance, that draws the listener in. When combined with a sure fire killer tune like the 'As Much As You Lead' tune, this becomes a deadly combination, which hooks you in.

Recommended, especially for those precious moments of the day, when we pause for breath from the twenty four seven madness of modern living, put our feet up, and take stock of surrounding everyday joys, like catching a few rays of sunshine whilst resting those weary bones.

The song is taken from her 2008 album Orange Days on Lemon Street, cannily named after her time, living on Lemon Street, in the town of Orange in Los Angeles composing this collection of songs. It is released via Intelligent Noise Records.

The song “As Much As You Lead,” has been featured on television shows such as “Private Practice,” “Brothers & Sisters,” and “One Tree Hill.” so she's obviously making waves in the right circles. I've noticed that these youth orientated dramas, usually imported by Channel 4 in the U.K and watched by Scratchy on a weekend morning, whilst recovering from one too many pints of 'Ole Grumblebelly' occasionally have cracking tunes to accompany the dramatic moments. The story lines wash over me but if they keep picking up on talent like Lex, I shall keep tuning in.

She also does a commendable version of the Joni Mitchell classic River from her Blue Album, which I had previously placed in the "cover versions shouldn't be attempted file, it's untouchable" so unfasten your seat belts, we're heading for a gentle landing!

Lex Land - As Much As You Lead - live at The Airliner in Los Angeles, CA on March 17, 2009

Lex Land - As Much As You Lead - Studio Version (No visuals)

Lex Land - Could've Had Me - live at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley on June 22, 2008.

Upcoming Shows
18/06/09 in Long Beach, CA at Viento Y Agua
20/06/09 in Los Angeles, CA at The Mint
26/06/09 in Los Angeles, CA at Los Angeles Film Festival
01/08/09 The Lodge Ventura, California

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