Monday, 8 March 2010

Matt Bauer- The Jessamine County Book of the Living

He back, our favourite scary beardy guitar picker man has come out of the woods brandishing a menacing looking banjo. Matt Bauer has been spotted prowling the edges of virtual civilisation (well, Brooklyn New York to be precise) and this time he’s on the search for sustenance in the form of donations to a very worthy cause; namely helping with the recording costs of making his latest album which is to be called ‘The Jessamine County Book of the Living’

We first picked up on Matt's exquisite and haunting American roots influenced music back in 2008 (read more here) A compelling mix of banjos, bells and organs complemented his soft understated voice to great effect on his concept album ‘The Island Moved in the Storm’ (2008) previous releases include his debut album Nandina (2004) and a mini album called Wasps and White Roses’ (2006) Now it’s time to put together another collection of songs and this time he’s upped the ante with an orchestra and fourteen backing singers to fill out the songs to epic proportions. Sounds exciting eh! but Matt needs your help, he needs to raise $5000 for recording costs and so he has thus devised an cunning and innovative donation scheme whereby each donor receives a some collectable CD’s and prints etc, according to the level of generosity of the benefactor. Hey! you know what, why don’t I just let the guy explain it himself, it’ll make more sense coming from the hairy horses mouth...

I’m raising money to help with the costs of recording and mixing my next record “The Jessamine County Book of the Living.”

I’m offering, in addition to any of my past recordings, a choice of unreleased live recordings and out takes, solo acoustic home recording versions of songs that will be on the new record, a limited edition silkscreen poster, plus limited edition and one of a kind items from the recording sessions, tours, and travels.

You can hear the string quartet accompaniment for one of the new songs, “When I was a Mockingbird,” in the video I’ve posted. I’ve also posted the image of the poster design (below).

Making this record is the most fun and rewarding project I’ve taken on so far, but it’s also the most complicated, logistically tricky, and expensive project I’ve attempted: I’m recording with a 4 piece band, 11 piece orchestra, 14 singers, and a number of other guest musicians who live in 10 different cities spread out across the states. Your help would make a huge difference in making all of this come together.

Downloads will be made available / gifts mailed as soon as the fund raising goal is met.

Please note the donation levels for some items vary to take into account shipping costs for international orders.

Thank you so much!

So, there you have it, the gift that keeps giving! And you get something very worthwhile in return everyone’s a winner... It’s the most worthy fundraiser since back in the days when a nation of school kids collected milk bottle tops and old stamps for the Annual Blue Peter appeal. (Readers who didn’t grow up in the U.K read more here to see what I’m referring to) The deadline is April 5th 2010 time is of the essence.

Upcoming Gig

31/03/10 Union Pool Brooklyn, New York

Don’t Let Me OutMatt Bauer taken from the 2008 album ‘The Island Moved in the Storm’

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