Monday, 21 January 2008

Black Mountain

These days, when I need to get a dose of heavy psychedelic stoner wigged out beats, I am minded to reach for these (Vancouver) Canadian cruncher riffers. They are duel fronted by brash but beatific lady bellowing (Amber Webber) who compliments Stephen McBean's lighter melancholic drawl. Their sound has rock solid Sabbath/Purplesque base camp rising towards a fuzzy post rock experimental summit whilst Krautrock,Prog, Neil Young and Hawkwind like condors soar high above the cloud line. In The Future is out this week in the U.K and should peak highly in the charts. High flying birds indeed!

1 comment:

pom.bev said...

Oh man.. These people drink deep from the purple-prosed bong of 1971. Contemporary war vibes for people of peace.