Monday, 14 January 2008

The Insect Guide, The Lionheart Brothers, Miracle Fortress

It's name check time for some promising current bands doing the rounds. First up are 'The Lionheart Brothers' who have a breezy, giddy indie bop with a splash of psychedelic pop and are gaining fans in all the right places. A roaring success!

Next come 'Miracle Fortress' from Canada with a chap called Graham Van Pelt being the main driving force behind this catchy, off kilter indie pop. Impregnable beats! (top tipster: Matty Grooves)

'The Insect Guide' are scuttling around in the right direction. Post-rocking, guitars'a'buzzing and slow crawling towards that 'Newgaze' sound that flies from My Bloody Valentine to Low avoiding the sticky jam(ming) on the way.

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