Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Bobbie Gentry

Happy New Year and may 2008 be full of lovely fresh musical delights. One of my last finds of 2007 was 60's/70's singer Bobbie Gentry. For some reason I had never bothered to investigate her back catalogue before.. perhaps I assumed that she was too middle of the road. However, I picked up 'Way Down South' on Music For Pleasure which seems to be the U.K release of her second album 'The Delta Sweete' and what a little belter it was to. She possesses a dusky voice that can knock out a southern delta stomp with aplomb. This is earthy country music in the best sense of the genre and despite the dodgy production values of my copy (it sounds like it's been mastered off an 8track player (( kids ask yer grandparents)) the quality still shines through. Now I just need to track down the rest of her recording career and I'll be sorted..


Deanna said...

Like you, I've only just come to appreciate this amazing woman's talent. If you'd like to hear her LPs before plunking down money at the used shop, this guy has posted a bunch of her out-of-print LPs:

He has a clean version of Delta Sweete. Enjoy!

Scratchy Buckles said...

Thanks for the the hot link Deanna, loads of great posts on there..I shall be delving deeper into Bobbie's back catalogue for sure, also picked up Dusty Springfield's 'Stay Awhile'LP last week, which was just as awesome and sounded as fresh as the day it was recorded..that's class for you!