Sunday, 20 January 2008

Cmon Get Happy! It's The Partridge Family

By popular demand (well request) we have some top quality cheesy bubblegum pop from the early Seventies. The Partridge Family was an American t.v sitcom about a widowed mum and her five children, designed to be wholesome family entertainment like The Brady Bunch. Think of the Waltons crossed with The Monkees and.. well you get the idea. It ran for nearly 100 episodes and made a teen heart throb star out the main character David Cassidy. I'm sure many girls (and some boys!) had his poster pinned up on their purple flock wallpapered walls and what better to complement this scene than a nice slab of Partridge vinyl to sing along to. Of course, I'm far too young to remember them first time around but I couldn't resist picking up a couple of these records recently. 'The Partridge Family Sound Magazine' surprisingly did make me get happy with an array of catchy tunes which hold up pretty well in the bubblegum genre. It is thought of as probably their best album and is worth a couple of spins when you are in an Abigail's Party mood. The Partridge Family Shopping Bag is less spin worthy however and has the feel of a franchise running out of steam. It promised me a free shopping bag inside on the cover, which must be one of the strangest marketing promos ever, but that has long since gone.. Design wise, the cover really captures the commercial appropriation of sixties psychedelia combined with early seventies shouty colours aesthetic. Alan Partridge mixed with The Manson Family anyone?

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