Thursday, 10 April 2008

Alex Taylor - Dinnertime

Every mother loves a son who enjoys his dinner, and look at this boy go. Somebody call Daisy Duke! Her simple brother is at the watermelon stall ag'in! Maybe he just loves his melon, or maybe he does what his publicist tells him to do. Who's to tell? But the demi-john of piss at his feet don't look promising to me.

This here is Alex Taylor, lesser known brother of James. Dinnertime is his second full length, released in 1972 on Capricorn Records. Alex could call upon some of the best session musicians available (to the sibling of a hugely successful 70s singer-songwriter) and the results are easily audible on this competent effort. Classy arrangements abound, highlighting an absence of punch from our watermelon munching hero. Ultimately the relentless mid-tempo stomping kind of gets me down; you can almost feel the players counting down the bars 'till their paycheck. But hey ho! 1972 was a hell of a confused year, culturally speaking, and the more paranoid listener might detect shadows around every well-turned blue-eyed blues/soul phrase. Or maybe not.

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