Sunday, 20 April 2008

Raymond & Maria

Raymond and Maria are a six piece from Sweden, who are the latest in a seemingly endless seem of top quality upbeat indie pop combos from that neck of the woods. They have actually have been going since 2002 and have had considerable success in their native charts with their own particular brand of stripped down acoustic sunny tunes which veer just on the right side of twee. Sisters, Maria and Camilla, augment this with sumptuous singing and sweet harmonies. There is a strong anti-commercial d.i.y ethic, as seen in their homemade videos and of course they ooze style just like those cool kids in the sixth form college common room who seemed to have sauntered straight out of an obscure French New Wave movie. Apparently, the band moniker comes from a swinger's club in Stockholm, if that's so, well I'll be throwing my car keys onto the coffee table and cross my fingers that I pick up some more 'Raymond and Maria' action rather than any 'Terry and June' tunes.

They are doing a quickie tour to promote their recently released U.K debut single 'It Could’ve Been You' at the following venues: 19/6 - The Fly (London) 20/6 - The Windmill Brixton (London) 21/6 - The Monto (London) 22/6 - Sounds of Sweden (Glasgow)

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