Monday, 14 April 2008

Le Loup

While Scratchy gets all carried away with the crayons I hope no-one minds if I pull it back to plastic for a moment. Please, come, and tilt your heads at the sublime hintings of Le Loup, from Washington D.C.

I heard about them from the good people at Stool Pigeon who, almost singlehandedly, carry aloft the flame of the London's proud typographical heritage. (What is it with torch carrying anyway, why so current? 'Round our way the only reason people carry a torch is for a burnin'!)

Stool Pigeon gave the album The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly ( too) three stars. A critic's equivalent of a pat on the back. Tardy preparation for what greeted me on first listening. Such RESOUNDING SPACE! Such ECHOING EXPANSE! Where Arcade Fire achingly yearn for transcendence Le Loup are already there, waving at us lazily atop their Olympian mount. Even better, We Are Gods! contains possibly the feyest noise I have ever heard. Voices that wilt like orchids in a desert sun.

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