Thursday, 10 April 2008


one - "Here is one of the World's Unique Long-Play Recordings" you're not kidding there matey!

two - Gaaaaze into the wonderful album covers which demand to be picked up and purchased.

three - Relaaaax into your favourite chair and listen to my efforts to hypnotise you!

four - Clooosssse your eyes and conceeentrate on my weirdly sinister Canadian voice...

five - Your eyelids are sooooo heavy and only my voice matters now.

- Breeeaaathe deeply as you are getting deeeeeper and deeeeeper into this must have piece of vinyl.

- You are now wonnndeerrfuully relaaaxed even though my image on the front looks like I will hand out a Begby style kicking if you don't follow my instructions.

- You wiiiilllll give up all cigarettes even know you feeeel the need for one now more than ever, in order to calm your nerves, (see seven above)

- You wiiiiiilll enjoy the elevator classical piano music, lilting gently in the background.

- I am now in compleeete control of your listeeening habits!
you will play this masterpiece on a regular basis.
Well it worked for me as you can see, thank you Reveen for making these inspired slabs of vinyl.

Find out about his remarkable life here..

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